About Us


Our Approach

Whether you want custom sizes, custom designs or an individual item, we have all the necessary technologies in house and can therefore guarantee the highest quality to European standards. From graphic design, pattern making, embroidery, printing, and sublimation to a large sewing department, they all exist under one roof.

We work only with premier materials which we constantly monitor to ensure our apparel and accessories meet the highest quality standards.

Another essential prerequisite for our high standards is excellent working conditions for our employees. We attach great importance to ensuring that all our staff are fully trained and have development opportunities within the company. 

I believe that using premium materials, paying attention to detail, and creating excellent
working conditions is the foundation for success.


Our Story

SINTO is a values-driven organization. Our products are designed based on principles of fashion, design, and usefulness. In addition, our company embraces a philosophy that makes it more than just a workplace for our employees. It is a place to grow and develop personally and professionally.

Our Beginning

SINTO was founded in 2008 with the mission to produce the highest quality clothing for customers in Thailand and all around the globe. SINTO is located in the province of Chonburi, Thailand near Pattaya and now employs 100 happy staff members.

Our Focus

Our speciality is customer-specific tailored clothing for sports, school, and work. Adhering to European standards of quality and design has enabled the SINTO brand to quickly gain a high level of awareness and acceptance in our markets.

Our Philosophy

SINTO is an apparel company that offers superior design, quality, and customer service. We accomplish this by creating the best possible working environment to provide opportunities for personal growth.

We also believe that supporting our community is important. Working together for good causes promotes well-being and fosters teamwork, resulting in a workplace that is pleasant and meaningful.

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